Guests Who Don’t Want to Leave!

This is basically what was going on 6 hours after check-out time! (This isn’t them and this isn’t the actual room, but this is what it felt like)!

Akar and Anupa were very nice people and we enjoyed meeting them and hosting them. It was their first time using Airbnb though, so they weren’t sure how everything worked.

If you allow late bag pickup after checkout just make sure they know exactly how you want it to work and everything should be fine. And make especially sure that they know when your checkout time is and if you expect them to honor it.

They didn’t pay attention to our instructions about late bag pickup and it turned into a problem for us in getting their room ready for the next guest. We not only have these instructions prominently posted on our listing, but we also email them a copy right after they make the reservation. Then a few days before check in we email a copy again. And the day before they check out we send them yet another email, this one focusing solely on the check-out procedures and times.

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