This Airbnb Guest Got an Immediate Rejection

Here’s a message we received when we first woke up this morning from a prospective Airbnb Guest:

Hey! I am a traveling model and Ill be in NYC the 14th through the 19th. Im interested in booking your room for the time but the thing is I get in super late (like 1-2 AM) the evening between the 14th/15th, and I have two male safety escorts who would be with me as well. I was wondering if it was still possible to book the room.

erica-airbnbDo you see anything wrong with that?  I probably wouldn’t have either if I hadn’t read numerous stories online recently of Airbnb hosts getting the surprise of their lives when they discover one of their guests is prostituting right in their own home!  Continue reading “This Airbnb Guest Got an Immediate Rejection”