New York City Cracking Down on Small Airbnbs

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Shortly after Nan Doyle stepped out for brunch on Labor Day, three men with badges rang the bell to her apartment in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood.

Doyle’s Airbnb guest answered. He was staying with her in the three-story brownstone she bought with her husband in 1998. The badged men asked if they could speak with the owner and, when the guest said she was out, they asked whether he was renting the apartment. The man said yes, he and his family had booked it through Airbnb. The badged men then asked if they could enter to inspect the building’s sprinkler system, which they said might violate New York City’s building codes. When the Airbnb guest refused, they wrote out four civil summonses. Continue reading “New York City Cracking Down on Small Airbnbs”

We Offered Our Garage… and then they expected us to…

parking violationWe live in a town just on the other side of the Hudson River from New York City – so 99% of our guests are people who are coming to visit New York but don’t want to pay $400 per night NYC hotel prices.  Can’t blame ’em!

Well, one of the problems being anywhere near any big city is parking.  New York is no exception, and we here just on the other side of Manhattan are no exception either.  Last year most of our guests were from overseas – Europe mostly.  But with the dollar so much stronger this year than last we’re getting more domestic guests than ever.  Because of that, we’re getting more and more people who are driving here.  Which is presenting a big of a problem for us and for them. Continue reading “We Offered Our Garage… and then they expected us to…”